Foto Dr.-Ing. Michael Stepping
FernUniversität Hagen
Michael Stepping
Gustav-von-Mevissen-Str. 28
57072 Siegen

Curriculum Vitae/Lebenslauf

I was born in 1969 in Hachenburg, in the nice area called Westerwald and grew up in Siegerland. (Siegen, Kreis Siegen).

At the University of Siegen Universität Siegen I studied Elektrotechnique (1988-1993) with the emphasis "Technische Datenverarbeitung". My diploma thesis was done at the department Institut für Prozeßdatenverarbeitung in conjunction with Siemens Anlagentechnik, Cologne.

I was employed as a Systems-Software Developer at the company Quintec (1993-1997).

From 1997-1999 I was with FTK in the EU project "MPEG-4 PC".

Following, I was a Research Assistant (2000-2003) at the FernUniversität in Hagen at the department of Communication Systems under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Kaderali.

Since then I am working as a freelancer and funded in 2005 avinotec for Live-Video-Streaming.

Private Hobbies

Travelling and motorbiking XT600.

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